Tips For Creating DIY Pallet Furniture

Here is a tiny secret concerning making furniture pieces from old pallets, turns out those old slatted frameworks created to hold products: Turns out not all crate material is low quality rough-surfaced yellow pine.

Keen-eyed hunters might locate hickory, oak or perhaps even hardwood wood pallets, due to the fact that hardwoods are required to deliver overweight items. Discovering any of these is striking a jackpot when it comes to DIY pallet-furniture connoisseurs.

” First time I identified a hard wood, I found oak, so I felt excited,” said Heather Parsons of Des Moines, Iowa. “So I built a table using that one.”

Timber pallets made in the U.S.A typically measure around 40 by 48 inches. An on-line gallery by the magazine Country Living displays 21 pallet project ideas, that feature a head board, raised garden, day bed, winerack and art work. Other projects — featuring acoustic guitars– and basic how-to instructions can also be discovered on the web page 1001 Pallets.

” I have watched folks do some incredible things recycling the wood,” like resurfacing a ceiling or wall, stated Jamie Supsic, director of style at Country Living.

She stated there are two strategies to address DIY pallet furniture: Work with the pallet intact, as the base for a sofa or coffee table, or break it down and use the planks. One of the most spectacular projects she’s seen, she mentioned, was a chandelier suspended by heavy ropes in a party tent: It was produced from a pallet suspendeded with battery-powered tea light filled mason jars.

Newbies might consider starting by creating a daybed or table, so the pallet can be kept mainly whole, or a simple art project for instance, a front-door wreath, she mentioned.

” Start-off by creating something small and you’ll only need to use a single small nail on your wall to attach it,” Supsic says.

You will locate hardwood pallets at businesses like paint and plumbing-supply establishments, Lamb noted in her recent book, “Crafting with Wood Pallets” (Ulysses Press). If they’re free for the taking, ask. Or search for free pallets on

Not every pallet can become desirable furniture. Opt for pallets that possess mostly solid boards, free from splits and cracks.

Search for an IPPC (International Plant Protection Convention) label or the HT (heat-treated) stamp on the pallet. The IPPC stamp confirms that the pallet manufacturer complied with standards for preparing the pallets, while the HT stamp guarantees that the wood was heat-treated, not chemically treated.

Pallets created for use in the U.S. may not have the IPPC stamp, Lamb said, but avoid risk and work with pallets that display it. Constantly search for the HT stamp; apart from being healthier for human use, the sterilization of heat-treating guarantees that the wood is void of insects. Lamb has never found an unstamped pallet, but “if I find one that does not have a stamp, I will not use it.”

Regarding equipment, Lamb recommends beginning with a saw,hammer,drill and sander. A recip saw facilitates disassembling pallets quicker. She can disassemble five pallets in 30 or 40 minutes using her Sawzall, she mentions, and discusses how in her book.

You can disassemble pallets using only a hammer and crowbar, however it will take considerably longer:

” You won’t need the gym if you are planning to do that,” Lamb advises.

Dimitri Boulze of Toulouse, France, who created the site 1001 Pallets a few years ago with a mate, feels pallet furniture is becoming popular due to the fact that it combines creativity and recycling. Besides it’s cheap.

” In one way, we are understanding that our resources are limited and that upcycling may help with repurposing things and saving money,” Boulze said. “As well it offers them a reason to create something, and it is also something very beneficial.”
In closing I hope you have learned a lot about the varied options of DIY wood pallet fabrication. I invite you to research more on the subject and discover the fun in creating your own DIY pallet projects.

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